Tudors 4-Wheeler Give-Away

Give-away flier

For the final project for our Advertising and Public Relations class, we were grouped into teams, and given the task of preparing an in depth marketing plan for an assigned business.  Our group was assigned to work with Tudors Biscuit World to help them with a give-away in the spring of 2018.  Tudors has partnered with Mountain Dew and Hatfield and McCoy Trails in giving away a brand new 4-wheeler.  Our group has utilized various resources and multiple personal connections to develop a well organized marketing plan.  This plan lists out all of the steps needed in order to make this give-away more known and available to the people of West Virginia and surrounding states.  If our marketing plan is used by Tudors, we expect nothing but success for them in their give-away.

With so many different competitors, Tudors has been faced with many challenges.  Well known food and restaurant chains, like McDonalds and Hardees, have had a major head start on Tudors.  Tudors can gain major ground on its competitors with a successful give-away.  This is not only going to help someone get a new 4-wheeler, it will also help boost Tudors reputation, and help it compete with more of the larger scale competitors in the food industry.

Advertisement Exposure

Advertising today is much different than it was 20 years ago.  We have entered into a new era of advertising.  People are exposed to so many different advertisements in their regular day that it can be difficult to remember all of them, much less count them.  It is said that on average,  individuals are exposed to up to 10,000 different advertisements per day!  The advertising industry has grown so rapidly over that last several years that you are being exposed to more advertisements than you even realize.  Little things such as the label on a crayon box, to the big things like TV commercials and billboards, have taken over the advertising world and are exposing us to so many new things.

In a recent experiment, I set out to try and count all of the advertisements that I were exposed to during my regular day.  Being a college student, on a small campus, I am not nearly exposed to the same amount of advertisement that an adult would be exposed to.  I miss out on a lot of outdoor advertisements due to living on a small campus, and rarely needing to go anywhere in my car.  As mentioned earlier, the average individual is exposed to 10,000 advertisements per day.  However, I lost track of the total number that I had seen before I even made it to my first class on Monday morning.  The last number of advertisements that I can remember counting was somewhere around the 250 mark.  That’s quite a few to be exposed to before 9:00 a.m..

With the total number of advertisement that one person will see during the average day growing so rapidly, many advertisers are beginning to wonder if there is such a thing as over-exposure to advertising.  This is something that I can see being a serious issue if the industry continues to grow like it has.  Many people will tend to get burnout on a product of company if they are continually seeing the same advertisements over and over.

In my opinion, Nike has done such a great job branding their company, that their advertisements seem to be the most effective.  Something as simple as a black screen with a white Nike check can make me go from doing homework, to shoe/clothes shopping.  Simple and concise ads have proven to be the most effective for the longest period of time.  Nobody can read a billboard that has 70 words on it while driving 70 mph down the interstate.  This just goes to show that the simpler the ad, the better.

With advertising growing so rapidly in the world, it is important that advertising companies understand more than ever how to most effectively reach consumers, and companies need to know where spending their money will be the most beneficial to themselves.  Companies need to be sure and get their product out there for the world to see, but they need to make sure that they aren’t shoving it down the consumers throats. Over-exposure is something that could definitely have a huge effect on the success of a business, and businesses need to do their best to make sure they are spending their money on effective advertising.


Bad Ratings Affecting Advertisements During NFL Games?


With NFL ratings recently dropping, advertising has been affected also.  Companies used to look to the NFL for primetime commercial spots as a great opportunity to get their brand out to consumers.  However, with all of the recent controversy in the NFL, the ratings have dropped drastically, and less companies are willing to advertise during NFL games. These companies have turned to alternate forms of media to promote their brands.

With all of the continuous controversy, the NFL ratings are continuing to go down.  Until the NFL decides to put a stop to all of this nonsense, the ratings will continue to get worse and worse.  With that being said, the NFL is going to continue to lose potential advertisers that will pay for a commercial spot.






InnerAction Media

Inneraction Media.png

Mike Arbogast came to our advertising class on Monday and spoke to us about his advertising company, InnerAction Media.  This is a company that has a broad team of marketers that can work together to make virtually any company, or personal advertising dream come true.  InnerAction Media specializes in doing with bigger businesses such as hospitals and construction companies, but they won’t shy away from the smaller scale customer.

In his presentation, Mike made a big effort to instill how crucial communication can be in advertising.  He kept talking about all of the questions that he asks a customer during their first meeting, and how he tries his best to make sure that the customer and himself are always on the same page.  He also talked about how if there isn’t good communication, things might not end up the way that they were intended to.  The one thing that stuck out to me was “Scope Creep”.  Scope Creep is when the customer, or the marketer, starts to fade from the original plan.  This could cause the customer to be dissatisfied with their advertisement when its all said and done.  Which could end up costing them money.

The most important thing that our team needs to take from Mike’s presentation is how important communication with our client is.  I think that we have a good group of outgoing students, with the ability to help make someone’s advertising dream come true.  We just need to make sure that we are always working on what our team and our client have agreed upon.